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Available For 25mm Ports: Standard & Safety
Fits Into the Fermenter / Bioreactor Side Port
Dead Volume: Approximately 0.24 to 0.44ml
Used in PD to production
GMP Validated
Immersion Depths: 90 & 115mm
0.2 μm membrane (custom pore sizes available)

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Available For 12 & 19mm Ports
Fits Into the Fermenter / Bioreactor Top Port
Dead Volume: Approximately 0.24 to 0.44ml
Can be used with SUBs
Compatible with Kleenpak™ connectors
Immersion Depths: 120, 200, 310, & 410mm
0.2 μm membrane (custom pore sizes available!)

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Flownamics® has developed the FISP®, which is a sampling probe capable of withdrawing sterile, cell-free samples from fermentors and bioreactors. FISP® allows direct on-line sample transfer to a variety of analyzers, such as biochemistry and HPLC systems, as well as collection for off-line analysis. FISP® is a small, tube-shaped, sterilizable 316 stainless steel carrier which is surrounded by a tubular, micro-porous membrane.They are available for 12, 19 and 25 mm ports for use in laboratory, pilot or industrial scale vessels. FISP® has been and continues to be widely utilized in the fermentation and cell culture fields since it’s introduction to the market in 1996.

Operation of the FISP®

The FISP is inserted into a side or top port of the vessel. It is immersed into the fermentation broth or culture media and sterilized in-situ. A peristaltic pump (or the vessel’s own hydrostatic pressure) withdraws a sample through the tubular membrane and into the probe’s stainless steel network of grooves. The sample flows through the network of grooves into a central channel where the cell-free sample can be directed to an on-line analyzer, fraction collector, or sample container. Fluid flow rate is dependent on the viscosity of the media.

Features of the FISP®

• Sterile, cell-free sampling for on-line or off-line analysis
• Autoclave, SIP, & CIP compatible
• Risk free sampling with 0.2 micron filter (sterile barrier)
• Fits small laboratory to large full-scale production vessels
• Collect and store samples for off-line analysis
• Directly interfaces the fermentor or bioreactor with:
 • Biochemistry analyzers
 • Fraction collectors, Autosamplers
 • Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) systems
 • HPLC systems
 • Biosensors
 • Methanol analyzers
• Minimal dead volume for consistent and accurate sampling, which reduces flush time
• Withstands the temperatures, pressures, viscosities, shear forces, and chemicals typical of fermentation environments
• Use with aerobic or anaerobic bacteria, yeast, fungi, algae, insect, and mammalian cell cultures
• Easy to use and maintain; no operator training required
• Can be used for submerged feeding/sterile media addition
• Interfaces with our Seg-Flow® Sampling System (additional information available)